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About Us

We grow business’ top and bottom lines by providing customized business growth solutions at the right time at the fraction of the cost of a full-time CMO or VP of Sales.  We work directly with our clients’ leadership team to reestablish or accelerated growth through identifying customer and market insights, developing effective and practical growth plans, and the execution and measurements of results.

What We Do:

Market Development, Inc. provides innovative revenue

generation solutions that are tailored specifically to your company.



Our mission is to provide business growth solutions

and services that will exceed your expectations.



MDG has a proven track record with over 100 companies worldwide,

which include Fortune 500 companies, startups and non-profit organizations.


MDG is a privately held company founded in 1997 by Eric W. Wiedenmann

in Danville, California.  In 1999, MDG was established as a For Profit California Chapter S Corporation. 


Can I try your services without making a big commitment?

Yes, of course; such an arrangement is to our mutual benefit.  We often recommend a small project that can be accomplished with a minimum investment.  This way we both can see whether there is a fit.


Why should I pay for your learning curve while you come up to speed on my business?

MDG only bills clients for “productive time.”   We absorb the learning curve activities.  THAT IS WHAT SETS US APART FROM OTHER SERVICE PROVIDERS. During a typical new client engagement, MDG will spend the required time to understand your business at no charge to you.


Do you have experience in my industry?

In a great number of cases, yes.  That is because our team has spent most of our careers in service industries (business development consulting and marketing communication companies) that cross the economy.  Equally or perhaps even more important is that we faced and solved a myriad of marketing and business development challenges.  So chances are good that we are familiar with your situation.


How are you compensated?

The method of compensation should not be an impediment to doing business together.  Since MDG is a privately held company, we can structure a compensation method that serves both parties well.  For example, here are some methods that have worked:

  • Project based fees

  • Time and materials

  • Hourly fees

  • Performance based compensation

  • Barter of goods and services

How can we get started with MDG?

This is really easy.  After you and MDG finish your no-obligation Needs Assessment (this can be done quickly by phone or short face-to-face meeting), MDG will provide you with a written proposal that includes objectives, deliverables, benefits, and terms – usually in less than 2 pages.  After there is a mutual agreement, the project can begin in as soon as 24 hours.  MDG has done many “DONE-IN-A-DAY PROJECTS” – that is another way we set ourselves apart from other service providers.

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