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Eric was able to do a market survey that helped us focus on what our clients wanted, how to get their business and how to keep them once we brought them on board. He was able to get past the superficial responses most potential clients give and get some meaningful data that really shaped our direction.

Dave Sandusky - Laboratory Director, Forensic Analytical

Eric is an experienced marketing strategist and tactical consultant. His depth of knowledge and his understanding of the art and science of marketing have been valuable for many of our clients. He is down-to-earth, well-spoken and practical, with an ability to connect with client staff at all levels.

Phil Cullen – Senior Consultant, Manex

Eric's thorough market research provided our team timely intelligence we used to assist our sales efforts, and competitively differentiate in the marketplace.

Don Overly  - Vice President Sales,  DW Morgan Company

I have hired Eric on numerous occasions to help on my projects. He is a very respected and experienced marketing expert and obtains valuable information for clients, especially in the area of customer surveys.  I would recommend Eric for any marketing project and for companies of all sizes and types. I will continue to hire Eric in the future for marketing and related engagements.

Jonathan Lee - Director, Strategic Services, California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC)

Eric did a great job helping me look for business investment opportunities. He canvassed the right kinds of companies and made it easy for me to target opportunities that fit my intended profile. Eric is definitely a ‘dig in and make it happen’ kind of guy.

JP Miller - CEO, Louis Allen Worldwide, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Eric on a customer service survey which touched our entire customer base. Eric was able to get a 100% response rate, on-time and on budget. We were able to use the data Eric gleaned to improve our retention rate and customer service training programs. I highly recommend Eric if you are interested in finding out how your customers view your company.

Jeff Leonoudakis - President, SFO Shuttle Bus Company

Eric is one of the top business-to-business marketing and sales consultants. He always has ideas on how to increase current customer satisfaction and sales as well as how to bring in new clients. A cornerstone of his approach is solid research to learn what customers and prospects are looking for. He's also great at assessing market potential. He's a great guy to have on your team.


Forrest W. Anderson - Principal, Forrest W. Anderson Consulting 


MDG is dependable, thorough,  meets deliverables, and keeps you informed. 


John Pendergrass - COO, TRW-LNS 


I think MDG's quality and services are excellent.


Robert Russell - President, Chronomite Laboratories 



MDG is a very focused, cost-effective way to generate marketing information and strategic data.


Dave Marshburn - Senior Director, Seagate Technologies 



MDG provided me with a marketing plan that I could use to develop a larger client base.  MDG can zero in on what the objective is, reduce some of the minutia you're going through, and put together a marketing program that really works for you.


Darren Merritt - Vice President, Boardwalk Investments 



MDG provided very timely, accurate, and insightful information on niche market opportunities that we probably weren't going to get through any other channel. I would rate the quality of deliverables at 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.


Michael Clingan - Director of Marketing, TRW 



MDG is proactive, has excellent follow-through, and exceeds service expectations.


Todd Schuelke - Vice President, Eclipse Group, Inc. 



The marketing plan was very thorough and it should give us a good strategic direction from a marketing and sales perspective.


Paul F. Maurin - COO, Timely Industries 



Eric Wiedenmann is clear and to the point, and delivers what he says he will deliver when he says he will deliver it. Some consultants simply reconstitute their clients' information. Eric guides, directs, researches and produces. He has his opinions and doesn't shrink from presenting them in a direct yet respectful way. He cares about his work and is committed to his clients' success.


David Hingston - CEO, Sketch Team

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