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Helping companies achieve their revenue

and profits quickly and cost effectively.​

We help our clients grow their businesses by

  • Developing New Markets

  • Growing Current Markets

  • Writing High Impact Growth Plans

  • Conducting Customer Surveys

  • Providing Market Insights

  • Conducting Growth Assessments

  • Conducting Competitive Intelligence

  • Increasing Sales Force Effectiveness

  • Identifying Market Opportunities 

  • Launching New Products/Services

Upward Curve

What We Do:

Market Development, Inc. provides innovative revenue generation solutions that are tailored specifically to your company.



Our mission is to provide business growth solutions and services that will exceed your expectations.



MDG has a proven track record with over 100 companies worldwide, which include Fortune 500 companies, startups and non-profit organizations.


Contact Eric Wiedenmann
for a Complimentary One-Hour Assessment of Your Business Growth Challenges

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Eric W. Wiedenmann

"Eric was able to do a market survey that helped us focus on what our clients wanted, how to get their business and how to keep them once we brought them on board. He was able to get past the superficial responses most potential clients give and get some meaningful data that really shaped our direction."


Dave Sandusky - Laboratory Director, Forensic Analytical

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